I started photography as a way to record my mountaineering trips. I discovered the beauty of light and nature. I gained unique perspectives in the high wild places and discovered that I found a great joy in telling my stories with photos. I have gone on to many other types of adventures and telling many other stories.  

My love for mountains has extended to the oceans and the latter half of my life has been devoted to the sea. I love sailing and diving and bringing to light the wonders held within through photographs.  My daily activity as a Eco tour captain in the San Juan Islands as well as travels on my sailboat, put me in close proximity to some of the most magical ocean scenery and animals.   

I’ve photographed hundreds of wedding stories and thousands of high school seniors and families and pets. I look for the magical light, the poignant expression, the peak moment, and unique perspective in each image. I endeavor to capture honest expressions in heartfelt images that tell your story.
In case you are interested, I have won many awards and have earned degrees from professional photography organizations. I’ve worked for big name corporations and famous people and executives. You can be assured that I have the experience to jump into any environment and create images that will exceed your expectations.

Other things you may find helpful to know about me: I’m a father of three grown children, I’m a huge animal lover, I get out into nature any chance I get, I’m a licensed Capt. sailboat racer, master scuba diver, river rafter, and mountaineer. I enjoy movies, mochas, live music, comedy, fitness and healthy food.